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Exclusive: Sarri will be soon free for Chelsea! With a document of gentlemen’s agreement

Maurizio Sarri will be soon free for Chelsea, let’s see how. A diplomatic work is underway that will near Napoli to Abramovich‘s club and will free the manager. It takes another few days, but the road is this. How will it work? Napoli and Chelsea will sign a private agreement (with a minimum economic consideration) for a non-belligerent agreement eventually extended to the transfers market. Napoli knows that it is potentially vulnerable because it has three pawns under clause (Hysaj, Albiol and Zielinski) that particularly appeal to Sarri. But Napoli would like to keep all three and we’ll see if the gentlemen’s agreement will allow then to do some transfers operations, but always with the involvement and the assent of both clubs. It is no coincidence that Chelsea has thrown on Rugani and Manolas with great decision. In short, the thaw action is under way, Chelsea has not contacted other coaches, will pay Conte until the coach under contract will have no requests that can entice him. But the priority remains Sarri, as is clear from weeks and weeks.

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