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Exclusive: Sarri-Chelsea, from the figures of the agreement to the Conte’s tangle. Between clauses and scenarios

25.05.2018 | 22:40

An intrigue? Of course, for contractual situations. But above all a strong interest, that of Chelsea for Maurizio Sarri. Now absolutely the first on the list, no doubts. After yesterday’s long meeting, there was another meeting in late morning today and a momentary reflection on the negotiation. The latest news: within a couple of days the intermediary Ramadani will submit the proposal to Sarri for a total placet. The thought is a biennial contract from 6-6.5 million euros per season. Then, after the summit with Ramadani, three or four days will be missing for the payment of the eight million clause, it is a game on the tightrope that can contain other ways for an agreement. With Napoli? It’s a possibility. Meanwhile, we have to wait for Ramadani to talk with Sarri, in the meantime Napoli has officially announced Ancelotti before the end of Sarri’s clause, in fact “exonerating” the coach of the last three years. Chelsea has closed the relationship with Conte, the situation is under the historycal minimums, to think that it can go ahead with the technician under contract is very complicated. We can not totally exclude Conte’s confirmation, but it would be forced after the meeting with another manager. And they are looking for a solution that allows to terminate the contract, perhaps paying the remaining year of contract and saving on the penalty provided in case of interruption of the relationship. A situation that would allow us to solve the first issue and then decide whether to pay the clause, a part of that, or find a different solution, not necessarily by May 31. Meanwhile, Chelsea has set aside, for now, any speech with other coaches. About Sarri: Zenit waits for an answer by Sunday, otherwise it will turn to other technicians. At ninety percent, the answer will be negative, Sarri has Chelsea in mind, but still have to wait.

Foto: Twitter ufficiale Napoli