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Esclusive: Chelsea won’t let Sarri away! In the next few days…

07.06.2018 | 23:30


Will Maurizio Sarri be out of Chelsea‘s radars? Absolutely not! He still is the first choice and Marina Granovskaia‘s blitz of these days in Russia is necessary to set up a strategy with Abramovich. The patron’s right-hand man will be back in London within sunday or monday. Then they will go to the operative stage of the negotiation. Chelsea has never thought of renouncing to Sarri, the only problem was the clause (already expired). Regardless of Mr Conte‘s choice, who in the last few hours as received an interest from Real Madrid. Blanc is a second choice, but Chelsea doesn’t give up Sarri (who is also in Real Madrid‘s list). The first days of next week are supposed to be the hottest and everything will be done to get to an agreement. Of course, after solving the problem of the coach, Chelsea will be the main protagonist of the transfers market.


Foto: Twitter ufficiale Napoli